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The Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP)

The free software KEP project is designed as the ONE STOP shop, where interdisciplinary groups or networks, can freely access exciting work assignments (money, barter, beer) and exchange relevant resources and share data sets, in an open and collaborative way. The KEP marketplace is build with the investigative journalism field in mind, but projects related to the fields of activism, fixing, coding, mapping, design, can also live here.

The code is currently hosted on GitHub and is split in two subprojects as Git submodules: kep-backend and kep-frontend (with their respective README files on GH). Issues are contained within the base kep project and handled using a boards system.

There's a live deployed version that is updated from time to time (currently needs updating to the latest KEP version) at HTTPS support coming soon!

KEP has a modular structure with multiple parts:

The MatchMaker App

The MatchMaker App allows members to access real time assignments (aka. jobs) and a big pool of resources (i.e. collaborators and industry information), pertaining to the field of investigative journalism.

Our match-making technology brings together people who need information and people who can get it, at the right time and at the right place. If you are looking for a particular skill for a collaborative project, MatchMaker has this also covered.

The Open Data Container

KEP will also be equipped with a Public Data Container. Our goal is to create a distributed network of shared data-sets, libraries containing open data, mostly used by journalists, researchers and investigators (company records, leaks, archives etc).

The collaborative Tools Bundle

We are also throwing a bundle of task centric open tools into the mix, to make the launching of a collaborative investigative project as easy and inclusive as starting to play a game.

Long Term

KEP dreams to create and maintain the framework for a peer production workflow for public integrity collaborative initiatives. KEP will expand the exchange of knowledge in public integrity research, from hyperlocal to cross-border. While doing so it will lower the barrier of participation and boost the learning process related to collaborative investigative projects. The information stream resulted from this collaboration will have a standard output feed that will be customizable in any form.

What does KEP bring new to the table?

-The MatchMaker App, a multi faceted automated information exchange tool
-A Public Data Container, a distributed network of shared data-sets, libraries containing data most used by journalists, researchers and investigators (company records, leaks, archives etc).
-Task centric bundle of tools to make journalistic collaborations easier
-Slick Publishing platform to publish investigative journalistic materials
-Robust API allowing other systems to plug into the market place
-An existing user base to test and adopt the market place

Uses of KEP

KEP is the backbone and the underlying technology utilized by, as well as

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