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Hardware components for LI

There are 4 main hardware components that each user should have before starting working with the Liquid Toolkit.

In the initial prototyping phase, the SD-card and the USB stick will be pre-configured for the users.

1. ARM board

  • The board is standardized throughout the project. It is an ODROID C2.

2. The SD-card

Tech requirements

  • Storage: Min 16 GB of storage capacity.
  • Speed: is U1, but we might want to have U3.

What is on the SD-card?

  • The card contains an operating system based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for arm processors
  • It also comes configured with a software stack (the actual liquid investigations tool kit)
  • It has version numbers and we will require updating it during the project to stay compatible with our developments.

Note: Single users can be totally fine staying or upgrading the SD-cards. Groups need to upgrade at once or might not be able to work together until everyone did upgrade, at our discretion.

3. The USB stick

Tech requirements

  • USB3 Stick of 8 GB or more with decent speed

What is on the stick?

  • The stick stores all the configuration needed in conjunction with a specific project and hard-drive.
  • If you are NOT in the setup-process, the system will alert you about non matching sticks and hard-drives.
  • If you ARE in the setup-process, the system will write the config to the stick and it will be “locked” to the hard-drive until it is erased and set up again.

4. The Hard-drive

Tech requirements

  • Sata 2,5 inch will do. SSD preferred.

What is on the Hard-drive?

  • The hard drive contains the data for the project. It has to be in a file system that can be used to write the search-index to. It will also be encrypted during the setup if wished.

In addition, extra components can, but do not need to be used.

  • a second hard-drive (for cloning, copying, versioning)
  • a wireless usb-card (for network other wireless lan)
  • a cryptographic stick, like the yubi-key, gpg-stick, etc for extra security
  • monitor, keyboard and mouse to use the graphical interface on the board itself
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