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A. The EIC Chrome extension

Is an automated fact checking toolkit using digital annotations, developed by Jon Udell.

Sections A, B, C & D - describe the technology. Section E refers to the actual investigative flow using the EIC extension.

Prerequisites for usage:

  • Go to, create an account.
  • Install the chrome extension.

A detailed tutorial on can be foundhere.

B. Installation

Please install the EIC extension by following thislink.

Once you add it to your Chrome web browser, go to Chrome> Preferences> Extensions and check if the EIC toolkit extension was added. Make sure that the 'Developer Mode' box is checked.

Go to 'Options' and set your token. You can do this by clicking on token. This will lead you to the API page.

Get your API token and paste it into the token window on your extension. & EIC extension icons

When you've installed both extensions, you'll see the two icons at the top right of your Chrome window:

D. Right-click automated commands

The EIC extension enables a set of right click automated commands. The commands differ if text is selected or if you just want to tag the entire page.

  • 1. Right click helpers (when no text is selected)

When you're on a page that's a source for an investigation, and when you have nothing selected, the options on EIC's toolkit right-click menu are these:

Clicking on the 'Tag this Page' command, automatically creates an annotation that is added to the 'Related Annotations' page section (described in more detail below). This command allows you to bookmark the entire page vs. just a selection of text (which allows for more granular control).

  • 2.EIC right-click helpers (when text is selected)

When you're on a page that's a source for an investigation and when you select some text, the options on EIC's toolkit right-click menu are these:

Most of the Search operators ('Find selection in Google', 'Find selection in Opencorporates' etc.) are pretty self explanatory. We'll describe in more detail the commands that are not search related.

E. Start your investigation

Below is a sequence of steps, that should help you use the EIC extension and start your investigation.

  • Step 1. Create New Investigation Page Named by Selection

The first step is to build a home for your investigation. When selecting some relevant text on a page that's a source for an investigation, use the right-click command 'Create New Investigation Page Named by Selection'. This automatically opens up an investigation page on DokuWiki where you can start collecting all the info pertaining to your investigation.

In our case the text selection is 'Trump Farallon Estates' (Hoover, CableGate collection).

An investigation page with the same name was created in the Sponge DokuWiki

  • Step 2. Related Annotations/ Timeline/ Footnotes

The second step is to start furnishing your home with evidence. The EIC toolkit evidence collection process involves two main actions: search for evidence and collect your findings into the wiki page. There are 3 buckets where you can collect your evidence: Related Annotations field, Timeline field and Footnotes.

  • Selecting text on an investigation source page and right clicking 'Tag this Selection', creates automatically an annotation which is later included in the Related Annotations section of your investigation wiki page.

  • For a complex investigation with a long history, it's helpful to arrange the evidence on a timeline. The Timeline wiki page section is populated by means of Hypothesis tags created by the 'Assign Publication Date' right click helper. Make sure to highlight the ONLY the date, when clicking on the 'Assign Publication Date' command.

  • Creating Footnotes to your investigation wiki page, enriches the context and adds speed.

You can add a footnote, by highlighting text on a relevant investigation page and by creating an annotation.

You can then paste the link to that particular annotation into your wiki investigation page, by link-ing it to a relevant word (kind of like hyperlinks/out-links work).

  • Step 3. Write your conclusions

Third step is to summarize your findings and shape up your conclusions. This step is done manually in the description section of your investigation wiki page.

Final investigation results can be seen here:

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